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How to determine the drying quality of rotary dryer?
2015-12-28 11:06:05

  Rotary dryer is a key equipment in many mine production line, it will be influenced by many factors when using. For example, whether the structure design of rotary dryer is reasonable, raw material and rainfall capacity is probably impact on drying quality. Then how to determine the drying quality of rotary dryer? There are two ways below:

GWRK11.jpg  A.the direct method

  We can use industrial ammeter check directly the drying quality of raw material. The measuring method is insert two metal rod into sand mold, keep 5-10mm distance between metal rods. Switch on the power switch, low voltage current flow through conductor, when current turn to zero, it means that the sand mold has been drying. Also, you can strike the sand mold, if the sound is ringing; it means that it has been drying; if it is low, that means it has not been drying.

  B.the indirect method

  We can stick the air pyrometer or hygrometer into drying room through rotary dryer inspection hole, to measure the change of temperature and humidity of drying oven or sand mode, thus learn the whole drying process. With the automatic control device, drying oven can setting drying process curve in advance according to drying specification.

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