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How to maintain rotary kiln spare parts
2015-12-24 14:55:17

The kiln tyre and support roller are the important parts of rotary kiln,they are quick-wear parts,so we need maintain them frequently!

Kiln tyre maintain:

1.A full welding service can be provided including excavation of cracks, an approved re-welding procedure and finish grinding.
2.We repair kiln tyres with diameters ranging from 500mm up to 10M using our on site equipment.
3.Our linishing equipment can be set up to grind your tyre in a matter of hours.
4.Alignment of kilns can be undertaken using optical equipment or laser alignment techniques. Tyres can be ground specifically to ensure the kiln runs true.
5.Stock removal of up to 25mm or greater on diameter can be achieved if required.

rotary kiln support rollers maintain:

1.Support rollers that have suffered wear can be ground in-situ 2.Fabrication of supports and mountings is also undertaken.
3.A full welding service can be provided including excavation 4.Grinding of the thrust rollers can also take place in-situ.