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Suggestion on site selection of lime production line

2022-08-23 09:37:31

Active lime production line refers to a production line composed of a series of main equipment and auxiliary equipment for producing active lime, mainly including rotary kiln, preheater and cooler, as well as bucket elevator, belt conveyor, finished product warehouses, dust collectors and other auxiliary equipment, the required capital cost will be high. Therefore, when investing, many factors need to be carefully considered to reduce unnecessary costs and adverse effects in the later stage.

vertical preheater.jpg

Figure: Preheater

vertical cooler.jpg

The site selection proposal mainly considers the following aspects:
1. Proximity to where the raw material is located. Taking into account the maximum reduction of raw material transportation costs, it is best to choose a place close to the limestone raw material.
2. Consider the choice of fuel. There is no shortage of fuel in lime production, so it is necessary to plan in advance which fuel to use, and then try to place the production line address as close to the fuel address as possible.
3. Convenient transportation. The location of the project is as close as possible to the main road, which is convenient for purchasing raw materials or selling finished products.
4. Consider power supply stability. The production of the project is inseparable from the power supply. The lime production line is a large-scale project, and the degree of dependence on electricity is also very high. Therefore, the site selection must ensure the safety and stability of the power supply.
5. Approval of project land. The site selection of the project should also consider the area of the project, and apply for land according to the project area plan.
6. Consider environmental safety issues. It must be ensured that the entire project meets the environmental protection requirements and conforms to the environmental protection policy of the project site.