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Slag grinding equipment manufacturers

2022-10-13 16:57:27

The slag micro powder is a granulated blast furnace slag as the main raw material and can be added with a small amount of gypsum to prepare a fine powder with a specific surface area of 420~450 m2/Kg. Grinding of slag requires a vertical roller mill with fine crushing, grinding, drying, powder selection, and conveying, which can achieve the desired effect.
CHAENG GRM series vertical roller mill equipment advantages:
1. The output is large and the work efficiency is high. All the accessories are independently produced by CHAENG.
2. The grinding roller bearing adopts the thin oil circulation lubrication method, which can ensure that the bearing works at a lower temperature, and at the same time, the quality and purity of the lubricating oil are controlled, which is beneficial to prolong the service life of the bearing.
3. Equipped with a rolling device, the grinding roller can be turned out of the vertical mill for easy maintenance.
In the 60-year history of CHAENG, it focuses on the development of kiln grinding equipment and learns the vertical roller mill design technology in the famous design institute. After that, it independently develops various GRM series equipment to provide services for the processing of various materials. GRM series vertical roller mill equipment can handle a variety of different materials: cement, slag, nickel slag, steel slag, raw meal, coal powder, and so on. Welcome to chat online or just leave us a message.