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Possible defects in welding large steel castings

2022-10-17 16:46:10

In the actual casting process, some of the large steel castings requiring relatively fine processing may have to adopt the method of subsection casting. For this kind of large steel castings, we must carry on the welding process. But in the welding process, there is possibility for some defects affecting the quality of large steel castings.


Then, what are the possible defects in welding large steel castings?
1. Blow hole.
Blow hole happens when the welding  position is not clean or the electric current is too large;
2. Cracks.
In the welding process of large steel castings, we should try to avoid cracks caused by improper welding operations, which are also the major defects in welding large steel castings;
3. Strength
After the completion of welding, perform tests for the strength of the welding posiion, and if the strength is too low, it will affect the quality of large cast steel parts.
In view of the defects that may occur in the process of casting, large steel casting enterprises should check the specific operation procedures and materials to avoid these defects during welding.
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