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how to buy cost-effective cement kiln?

2020-06-29 15:55:54

Cement kiln is used to calcine cement clinker in the cement plant, also known as cement plant kiln. Like we all know, cement production line include three main steps: preparation of cement raw materials, clinker production, and finished cement production. As a core cement equipment of clinker production, cement kiln is applicable for various materials, such as limestone, clay, dolomite, bauxite, etc.

rotary kiln cement.jpg

As for the type, there are many types of cement kiln, we can classify cement kiln as follows:

By structure:

shaft kiln: machinery shaft kiln and ordinary shaft kiln

cement rotary kiln: wet process rotary kiln and dry process rotary kiln

By cement meal preparation technology:

wet process cement kiln: the cement raw material is grinded with water powder into raw slurry (33-40% water) and then fed into the wet process rotary kiln and burn into cement clinker.

dry process cement kiln: the cement raw materials are dried, ground, and calcined into the cement clinker in the dry process rotary kiln.

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