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2020 annual meeting of Henan casting and forging industry ended successfully2020 annual meeting of H

2020-07-17 15:51:46

The "2020 Annual Meeting of Henan Casting and Forging Industry and the Sixth Member Representative Conference of Henan Casting and Forging Industry Association" held in Zhengzhou City from June 28 to 30 ended successfully. The theme of "Promoting High-Quality Development of the Industry" aims to break the shackles of industry development, get out of the development dilemma, clarify the development direction, and achieve stable and sustainable development. Wang Zhongfu, general manager of CHAENG (Great Wall Steel Casting), attended the meeting as a standing director.

As the largest and most influential industry event in the region, the “Henan Provincial Casting and Forging Industry Annual Meeting” is an annual industry event for industry leaders and industry elites at home and abroad. Sponsored by the Henan Provincial Foundry Industry Association, Henan Provincial Foundry Society, Henan Provincial Forging and Pressing Society, this conference join handed with industry elites to analyze the situation, share experience, and find a way to change from high-speed growth to high-quality development.


At the meeting, Gu Jianquan, Dean of the Henan Academy of Social Sciences, Zhang Zhiyong, Secretary General of the China Foundry Association, Zhang Jin, and Secretary General of the China Forging Association shared multi-dimensional reports, aimed at the current economic trend, the future trend of the casting and forging industry, advantages and changes, and many other industry-related content. Director Song Lianwu of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology delivered a speech expressing the government's concern about the industry's plight and its expectations for future development.

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2020 is an extraordinary year. The epidemic situation and various uncertain and comprehensive factors such as domestic and foreign macroeconomics, trade frictions, environmental protection supervision and other factors affect the production and operation of enterprises. Grasping the transformation of high-quality development has become the main task facing casting and forging enterprises. Through this meeting, we have in-depth exchanges and cooperation with other companies, understand the development trend of the industry, and develop ideas. We will continue to take advantage of our company's casting technology, rich experience at home and abroad, and the company's casting strength, and adhere to the innovation drive and development direction of "green, intelligent". We are confident to seize the opportunity in the current challenges, improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise with high-quality development, help to break the shackles of industry development.