Rod Mill

Application : Cement Plant, Clinker Grinding Unit, Steel Mill, Mining
Capacity : 2.4-250 t/h
Motor Power : 75-1400 kW
Fineness : 0.147-0.833 mm

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  • Improves the material transport and maximizes the classification and breakage rates
  • Reduces energy consumption which significantly increases energy efficiency of grinding
  • Allows the mill to operate at its maximum possible capacity
  • Ensures that the mill responds to any changes in ore characteristics or process parameters
  • Operator friendly - the mill operates smooth and steady

Product Introduction

Rod mills are mainly used for primary grinding of crushed ore with a particle size range up to 50 mm for soft materials, and between 20 and 30 mm for harder materials where a narrow product size distribution is required (e.g. for subsequent gravity separation).


The rod mill is loaded with the grinding media of steel bars. It consists of five parts including cylinder shell, feeding system, discharge system, main bearing and transmission system.


It is available for both of the dry grinding and wet grinding fashion as the customer’s needs.


By using a new advanced technology of inlet and outlet control, we can match the befitting grinding media according to your material property, which will make the discharge size well distributed.


The grinding process is typically a combination of breakage and classification aspects, which indicates that “the most energy efficient breakage system would be the one where the particles leave the energy field as soon as they become smaller than the required product size”.


While designing and selecting grinding mills, we does extensive studies on material transport issues to ensure an efficient material transport system, thus greatly enhancing the energy efficiency and capacity of horizontal grinding mills.  



Energy Saving

Compared with the sliding bearing of the old rod mill, our new equipment can save you 10-20% energy in total. The production is improved more than 10% than usual.

Good Discharged Particle Size

The experienced technology design on the specification can promise you a well running situation with less over crushing problem.

Good at Wet Grinding

We have supplied numberless of wet grinding rod mills for customer in coal chemical industry, to deal with the coal and petroleum coke material and prepare for the coal water slurry making.

Wet Overflow Discharging Design

The mill can design as the first level open circuit grinding equipment, which can be widely used in the department of manual stone sand, ore treatment plant and chemical plant, etc.

Easy Installation, Easy Access






Model (m) Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Effective Volume (m³) Rotation Speed (r/min) Grinding Medium Load (t) Power (kW) Weight (t) Remark
Φ1.5×3 1500 3000 5 23 8 75 20  
Φ3.1×3 2100 3000 8.8 19.4 25 220 48  
Φ3.4×3 2400 3000 11.8 18.2 27 250 58  
Φ2.7×3.6 2700 3600 18.8 17.5 42 400 70  
Φ3.0×4 3000 4000 25.9 16.2 50 500 89  
Φ3.2×4.5 3200 4500 33 15.5 56 630 111.5 Used for the Coal Water Slurry Mill
Φ3.2×4.8 3200 4800 34 15.5 60 710 121.2
Φ3.4×5.8 3400 5800 49 14.65 95 900 160
Φ3.6×5.4 3600 5400 50 14.5 97 1000 155
Φ3.6×5.8 3600 5800 53.8 14.3 135 1120 175
Φ3.8×5.2 3800 5200 54.1 14.2 102 1120 175
Φ3.8×5.8 3800 5800 60.3 14.2 112.2 1250 156 Rubber Liner
Φ4.0×6 4000 6000 70 14 130 1400 163 Rubber Liner


Cement Plant, Clinker Grinding Unit, Steel Mill, Mining

By using a new advanced technology of inlet and outlet control, we can match the befitting grinding media according to your material property, which will make the discharge size well distributed.

Great Wall Machinery provides the installation and service of every piece of grinding mill equipment. Our dedicated Millteam's services reduce standstill time and minimize the production loss, bringing remarkable savings for our customers. Millteam services are agile and flexible to ensure smooth and easy co-operation.

Our service professionals have a vast experience from various industries such as mines and steelworks. We offer a wide range of specialized services:

  • Erection and commissioning of ore grinding mills, bearings and other components
  • Inspection, maintenance and repair of grinding mills and drive trains for mills
  • Maintenance and replacement of grinding mill linings – rubber, polymetal and steel
  • Erection and commissioning of ore treatment equipment – crushers, feeders, conveyors, screening equipment etc.
  • equipment etc.
  • Piping and hydraulic equipment
  • Installation of mine hoist systems
  • Installation supervision of mine hoist systems

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