GGBS Vertical Roller Mill

GGBS vertical mill is the equipment to grind Ground Granulated Blast furnace Slag (GGBS),Nickel slag, slag manganese and so on into small particles.

Application: Cement Plant, Clinker Grinding Unit, Thermal Power Plant, Steel Mill, Mining, Quicklime Plant
Capacity : 30-180 t/h
Motor Power:1600-5000 kW
Fineness : 4200-4500 cm²/g

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  • Vertical roller mill production line system power consumption is 43 KWH/t commonly, energy-saving effect is remarkable
  • unit material consumption quantity is little, reduce the cost
  • stable performance, operation rate is above 95%
  • widely used, can grinding a variety of materials
  • little noise, dust concentration is low, environmental effect is remarkable
  • customer purchasing many cases, all over the world

 Applied material:

Blast-Furnace Slag, building material, limestone,slag,rock, talc, etc.

Blast-Furnace Slag.jpg  limestone.jpg  slag.jpg  talc.jpg  

Introduction of GGBS vertical roller mill

GGBS vertical roller mill is the equipment to grind Ground Granulated Blast furnace Slag (GGBS) into small particles.GGBS (fineness:4200-4500cm2/g) produced by vertical roller mills are being used to substitute clinker in conventional cement manufacturing as well as to partially replace OPC for ready-mixed concrete production, for which the percentage of GGBS usage is typically at 10-15% and 20-25% respectively.


GRM46.41.jpg1. Good return on investment

The widely use of slag increases the market demand to slag gradually. In recent years, investment in slag production line has been a new favorite in investment market. One production line can recover the cost in 1-3 years.

2. Reducing the power consumption of slag micro powder preparation effectively.

According to the display of slag powder production measured data, traditional ball mill needs power consumption 75~80kWh for per ton slag micro powder. However, it needs power consumption 42~45 kWh for per ton slag micro powder if adopts advanced vertical roller mill technology, and it can be saving electricity 33~35kWh use of vertical roller mill production per ton slag, and power saving effect is very remarkable.

3. Reducing the environment pollution effectively in the process of slag powder preparation.

Slag powder vertical roller mill adopts the internal negative pressure system to reduce the dust spillover effectively. The equipment adopts advanced technology with low revolving speed, stable operation, low noise, and the noise does not exceed 85dB(A) from the mill 1 meter.

4. Removing iron effectively, increasing additional income.

The advanced technology of slag vertical roller mill can be removed the iron effectively from the slag, and no less than 1% iron content can not only protect the machine, but also can increase additional income.

Investment income

According to association statistics, currently the world each year to produce slag the amount of over 90 million tons, steel slag utilization in 2013 less than 25% , over the past five years the cumulative amount of over 1.279 billion tons discard pile, and the number is increasing, steel companies to environmental management pose serious challenges.

Investment income.jpg


Model Grinding Table Diameter (mm) Roller Diameter (mm) Roller Number (n) Motor (kW) Output (t/h)
GRMS26.21 2600 1600 2 1000 30
GRMS33.31 3300 1700 3 1600 50
GRMS35.31 3500 1800 3 1800 60
GRMS40.41 4000 1900 4 2240 70
GRMS43.41 4300 2120 4 2800 90
GRMS46.41 4600 2240 4 3150 105
GRMS48.41 4800 2240 4 3550 125
GRMS50.41 5000 2360 4 3800 140
GRMS53.41 5300 2500 4 4200 160
GRMS56.61 5600 2500 6 5000 180


Note: mill spectral pattern benchmark

  1. Material medium friction (MFs)=0.9~1.0;
  2. Material moisture max 15%;
  3. Refined powder granularity 4200~4500 cm²/g;
  4. Refined powder moisture 0.5~1.0%;
  5. The concrete mill installed power and technology parameter will be adjusted appropritely basing on the actual material property and requirements of owner;

Prodction line gallery

            ggbs production line.jpg    GRMS vertical roller mill.jpg

                                ggbs production line                                               GRMS vertical roller mill

            stove system.jpg     dust collector.jpg

                                      stove system                                                              dust collector

            ggbs production line.jpg     ggbs production line.jpg

                                finished products warehouse                                          control system


GGBS vertical mill is the equipment to grind Ground Granulated Blast furnace Slag (GGBS) into small particles.

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