Slag Pot for Furnace

Material:ZG230-450, ZG270-500, ZG310-570, ZG340-640 etc.
Application:Metallurgy, chemical industry
Customizable:Yes, based on user's drawings

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  • 1. CHAENG has long-term cooperation with many world well-known steel companies like Baosteel, Mittal, TaTa, POSCO, etc. Since 2008, Mittal Group has ordered slag pots from CHAENG every year, and the order quantity exceeded 100 pieces per year for several years.
  • 2. CHAENG slag pots have strong thermomechanical properties, good thermal crack resistance. And inner wall of slag pot is smooth to avoid adhering slag during operation. The first maintenance time of CHAENG slag pots can be 2-3 months later than the peers.
  • 3. CHAENG is equipped with complete casting, maching and testing equipment, can produce steel castings up to 150 tons per piece, and its annual capacity reaches 50,000 tons, to ensure high quality and fast delivery for customers.
  • 4. CHAENG obtains market reputation with high-precision technology. The slag pots of CHAENG have been successfully exported to more than 50 countries and areas such as Germany, Belgium, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, India, South Korea, Japan, Russia, South Africa, etc.

Processing advantages

Professional teams & Customized solution



Before production, according to the customer's drawings and requirements, CHAENG fully communicates with the customer to develop a specific production plan for the slag pot; During production, the process is strictly controlled from molding, pouring, finishing to testing, to ensure the quality of the slag pots.

Analyzing & Simulating



CHAENG uses CAE software to digitally simulate the casting process of slag pots, directly observes its filling and solidification process, and directly predicts with graphs and data the location and size of various casting defects that may be generated, thereby optimizing the adjustment process to develop the best process plan.

Heat treatment process



CHAENG owns natural gas CNC heat treatment furnaces of 7m*12m and 5m*7m for heat treatment process to eliminate casting defects such as porosity, cracks, shrinkage, uneven structure, residual internal stress and so on, to improve the mechanical properties of slag pots.

Strict quality inspection



CHAENG has a complete slag pot inspection system to strictly test the whole slag pot, especially the bottom, trunnion and tilting mechanism, and CHAENG also can customize the test process according to customer's specific standards. CHAENG's main flaw detection technologies:UT, MT, PT, X-ray, etc.


Slag pot is the main product of CHAENG, more than 95% of CHAENG slag pots and ladles are exported abroad, such as the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Turkey, India, Korea, Japan.

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Slag pot is important device in steel making. It is a load-bearing device to collect molten or solid slag generated during metallurgical or chemical processes.

1. Cost-effective

CHAENG has the advanced casting equipment, strictly follows the national lever-2 detection standards, and executes 360° all-round nondestructive testing system, to ensure the reliable quality and long service life of steel castings. CHAENG is hailed as "high cost-effective steel castings manufacturer".

2. Fast delivery

CHAENG has strong technical teams, detailed production scheduling, wide range of raw materials purchase channels, and perfect logistics delivery system, making efforts to achieve as fast delivery period as required.

3. “Three-heart” service

The 24h fast response and the customer services in all 365 days rest your heart when you make choice, ease your heart when you use the products, satisfy your heart when you enjoy the services.

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