700 t/d Cement Plant

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Application: Cement Plant Thermal Power Plant

Annual Output: 210,000 tons

Process Type: New Dry Process

Blaine Fineness: 300-3800 cm²/g


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700TPD cement plant is composed of engineering, manufacturing, procurement, installation, debugging, commission and staff training, etc. The design of 700t/d new suspension preheater dry process cement production line uses the most advanced five-stage suspension preheater, RSP/F decomposing furnace and cement rotary kiln. The centralized control technology will be also used in computer automation system. We are committed to offer you a perfect cement plant solution with advanced process technology and excellent facilities. All technological indexes are approvable in your local industry criteria.


Limestone Homogenization Silo: Simple device, economically, Little Floor Space

Considering the fact that difference exists in the ingredient content of limestone, which makes the quality index difficult to control, the design uses the effective small-scale cross cut type raw material prehomogenization storage (that is, vertical prehomogenization storage) to narrow standard deviation. The homogenizing of the prehomogenization storage is 3~ 6 and discharges Ca-CO. The standard deviation being about 1.5%~2.0%. It is especially fit for small dry-process cement plant whose capacity is 700t/d.

Low Power Consumption in Raw Material Homogenizing System

Considering limited spaces in the project site, we are going to engineer a φ15 ×35m MF homogenizing silo is used to homogenize. Its effect volume is 5500t. The silo is made by the principle of gravity, so the power consumption is as low as 0. 4 - 0. 6 kWh/t.

Convenient Feeding System

There 2 sets of mechanical feed weight scales are installed at the bottom of silos. Pulverized coal is fed into the kiln head and decomposing furnace by rotary feeding device. The safe feeding system is easy to control and running perfectly.

Cyclone System

In the design, the single row layout five-stage suspension preheater is used. Except for tube C1, others are all low-pressure cyclones. Near feed points of cyclones air ducts, there are adjustable discharging boards installed to help the material scattering, preventing the material from clustering drop and causing short circuit.

The most Advanced RSP/F Decomposing Furnace

RSP/F decomposing furnace is developed on the basis of RSP technology, absorbing the advantages of MFC furnace and adding the fluidized bed. It is composed of pre-combustion chamber, calcining chamber and mixing chamber. RSP/F extends the standing time of pulverized coal and material. Due to the volume of SC and MC is enlarged properly, and fluidized bed is added, standing time of pulverized coal and material is extended to around 3.6s. The dispersiveness of material is intensified and it also enlarges the heat transfer area of whole system.

Anti-blocking Measure of Preheating System

To prevent crusting and blocking problem, poking holes as well as air cannon are engineered in the flowsheet; tricyclic compressed air purge system are installed in the C4-C5;there is bicyclic compressed air purge system in C1-C2. To know the condition of preheater timely, there is also manometer to monitor the working condition of cyclone. When the cementation blocking occurs, the monitoring device will release alarm signal such as light or sound, and the operators can deal with it directly.

Large Kiln Hood

It can increase the temperature of tertiary air effectively and makes the layout of tertiary air duct simple.



No Product Model Main Parameters
1 Limestone Crusher PE600x900 Jaw Crusher
  • Feed Size: ≤630mm
  • Discharge Granularity: 65~160mm
  • Output: 65~190t/h
  • Installed Power: 110kW
Hammer Crusher PCH1010
  • Output: 160~200t/h;
  • Installed Power: 90kW
2 Raw Material Vertical Roller Mill GRMR22.31
  • Output: 60~70t/h
  • Installed Power: 550kW
3 Coal Vertical Roller Mill GRMC12.21
  • Output: 5t/h
  • Installed Power: 110kW
  • Feeding Raw Coal Moisture: ≤8%
  • Feed Size: ≤25mm
  • Moisture of Discharging Pulverized Coal: <1%
  • Finished Product Granularity: 4-6%(0.08 Sieve Screen Residue)
4 High Temperature Fan at Kiln Tail 2083S.I·BB50
  • Air Quantity: 168000-170000m3/h
  • Total Pressure: 7840Pa
  • Motor Power: 560 kW
5 Electrostatic Precipitator at Kiln Tail BS780 20/10/3 x 7/0. 4
  • Processed Air Quantity: 176000m3/h
  • Dust-collection Efficiency: 99.9800
6 Preheating and Decomposition System at Kiln Tail  
  • Preheater:
C1: 2-Ф3400mm 
C2: Ф4500mm 
C3: Ф4500mm 
C4, C5: Ф4800mm
  • Calciner: Model RSP/F
  • System Resistance: <4905Pa
7 Rotary Kiln Ф3 X 48m
  • Rotating Speed: 0.69: 6-3.48r/min
  • Production Capacity: ≥30t/h
  • Motor Power: 100kW
8 Horizontal Pushing Grate Cooler B2.13 X 13.5 m
  • Effective Area of Grate Bed: 27. 3m2
  • Discharge Temperature: ≤120℃
  • Capacity: 700~750t/d
  • Feeding Raw Coal Moisture: ≤8%
  • Feed Size: ≤25mm
9 Cement Vertical Roller Mill GRMS/K 30.41 (2+2)
  • Production Capacity: 45~55t/h
  • Installed Power: 1250kW
10 Four Nozzles Fixed Packing Machine 4BBX(SG)
  • Capacity: 60t/h
  • Weighing Error of per Bag: 50±0.4kg (Ratio of Bulk Cement is 40% )



  • 1,000 t/d Clinker
  • 2,500 t/d Clinker
  • 3,000 t/d Clinker
  • 4,000 t/d Clinker
  • 5,000 t/d Clinker
  • Production Line Equipments

    a. GRMR22.30 Raw Material Vertical Roller Mill

    b. GRMC12.30 Soft Coal Vertical Roller Mill

    c. φ3.2×48 Rotary Kiln

    d. φ3.8×13 Cement Mill

  • Production Line Equipments

    a. GRMR38.41Raw Material Vertical Roller Mill

    b. GRMC20.30Soft Coal Vertical Roller Mill

    c. φ4.0×60 Rotary Kiln

    d. φ4.2×13 Cement Mill (2 Sets)

  • Production Line Equipments

    a. GRMR40.41 Raw Material Vertical Roller Mill

    b. GRMC22.30 Soft Coal Vertical Roller Mill

    c. φ4.2×60 Rotary Kiln

    d. φ4.2×13 Cement Mill (2 Sets)

  • Production Line Equipments

    a. GRMR48.41 Raw Material Vertical Roller Mill

    b. GRMC23.30 Soft Coal Vertical Roller Mill

    c. φ4.5×66 Rotary Kiln

    d. φ4.2×13 Cement Mill (2 Sets)

  • Production Line Equipments

    a. GRMR53.41 Raw Material Vertical Roller Mill

    b. GRMC26.30 Soft Coal Vertical Roller Mill

    c. φ4.8×72 Rotary Kiln

    d. φ4.2×13 Cement Mill (3 Sets)

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