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Capacity :20-380t/h

Feeding Granularity :≤25mm

Main equipment :Roller presses + Ball mill/Vertical roller mill


Cement Grinding Station application in mine industry, cement plant, large coal processing enterprises and Industrial crushing and grinding.

Cement grinding station, or called cement grinding plant, is an individual cement grinding unit formed independently from the final product stage of cement production. Cement Grinding Station processing stage will add the cement clinker into the appropriate amount of mixed materials for grinding, to produce the finished cement.

After gypsum, clinker, and limestone are measured by the belt weigher, they will be mixed together in accordance with particular proportions, and then sent to the stable weighing warehouse. During this process, magnetic metals are removed by the iron remover from these materials. Then mixed materials will be sent into the vertical cement mill for grinding. After grounding, the coarse powder will be sent back to the grinding mill while the qualified material will be sent to the elevator for finished products. Finally, they will be sent to finished product storage.

CHAENG was founded in 1958, has rich experience in cement plant and cement grinding plant construction, who can provide customers with the whole plant design, equipment supply, installation and commissioning supervision, etc one-stop services. If you want to know more information about the differences between cement grinding plant and full cement plant, you can contact with us directly.

cement grinding station, clinker mill, CHAENG


1. High grinding efficiency

For the structure, of the cement mill, weadopts the advanced obstructing equipment for internal powder, add theactivated device to the fine grinding chamber, and there is the special grateplate at the end of the cement mill, which can reduce the size of the grindingmedium, greatly improve the grinding efficiency, and achieve the purpose ofhigh output and low energy consumption.

2. Energy saving and environmental protection

The cement grinding unit has advantages of simple structure,strong controllability, and easy to operate or maintain. The dischargeconcentration is less than 50mg/Nm3, lower than the discharge standard, andprotect the environment of the production site effectively.

3. Good quality of finished products

The production process overcomes the disadvantages of traditionalequipment. The fineness of product is easy to be adjusted, apply for differentrequirement of fineness. The equipment also has advantages of large heatdissipation area and low temperature inside mill. The finished product ofnew-type cement grinding unit has high quality and large capacity.

4. High output, large handling capacity

Compared to other production process, with samefeeding size and other working conditions, our cement grinding unit canincrease capacity by 30%, and the energy consumption can be reduced by 15%.


CHAENG can provide a variety of schemes for cement grinding, and make a choice according to the actual situation and needs of customers:

Items Scheme I Closed-circuit ball mill system Scheme II Combined grinding system Scheme III Vertical roller mill finish-grinding system
Cement types P·O42.5 P·O42.5 P·O42.5
Cement ratio, % Clinker 90 90 90
Limestone 5 5 5
Plaster 5 5 5
Cement specific surface area, cm²/g 3500 3500 3500
System output, t/h 170 160 160
System power, kWh/t 41 33 28
Annual electricity savings (×10,000 yuan) 400 700
Metal wear, g/t 50 (Steel ball) 30 (Steel ball+roller surface) 5 (Grinding roller+grinding table)
Drying capacity Weak Medium Strong
Economic benefit analysis: the economic benefit caused by the high running rate, power saving and operation maintenance cost of vertical mill system
If one ton of cement saves 4.5kwh/t power, one day produces 5000T cement, one year works 300 days, and electricity cost is 0.7 yuan per kilowatt hour, you can save electricity cost: ¥4,725,000 per year
The annual maintenance cost balance: ¥3,660,000
Cement maintenance cost balance per ton: ¥45,000
Total: ¥8430,000



Clinker grinding station project in South America for 60tph

cement grinding station,rotary kiln,vertical roller mill

Company CAC from Vietnam purchased the ball mill equipment of the cement grinding station

cement grinding station, cement rotary kiln, CHAENG

CHAENG project for Mexcio – 25tph cement grinding station

  • 1,000 t/d Clinker
  • 2,500 t/d Clinker
  • 3,000 t/d Clinker
  • 4,000 t/d Clinker
  • 5,000 t/d Clinker
  • Production Line Equipments

    a. GRMR22.30 Raw Material Vertical Roller Mill

    b. GRMC12.30 Soft Coal Vertical Roller Mill

    c. φ3.2×48 Rotary Kiln

    d. φ3.8×13 Cement Mill

  • Production Line Equipments

    a. GRMR38.41Raw Material Vertical Roller Mill

    b. GRMC20.30Soft Coal Vertical Roller Mill

    c. φ4.0×60 Rotary Kiln

    d. φ4.2×13 Cement Mill (2 Sets)

  • Production Line Equipments

    a. GRMR40.41 Raw Material Vertical Roller Mill

    b. GRMC22.30 Soft Coal Vertical Roller Mill

    c. φ4.2×60 Rotary Kiln

    d. φ4.2×13 Cement Mill (2 Sets)

  • Production Line Equipments

    a. GRMR48.41 Raw Material Vertical Roller Mill

    b. GRMC23.30 Soft Coal Vertical Roller Mill

    c. φ4.5×66 Rotary Kiln

    d. φ4.2×13 Cement Mill (2 Sets)

  • Production Line Equipments

    a. GRMR53.41 Raw Material Vertical Roller Mill

    b. GRMC26.30 Soft Coal Vertical Roller Mill

    c. φ4.8×72 Rotary Kiln

    d. φ4.2×13 Cement Mill (3 Sets)

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